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Ok so i have to admit, im feeling pretty crap today and pretty depressed, i had several fights with mum, and have always been told im a failure basically at life by a friend, im finding it pretty hard to try and see any bright side of life, but i wont go on about how depressing life is we all have these days i guess.

first of all sorry i didnt post a blog yesterday, i was quite busy, had a meeting with the bank and had to sort out some stuff for work,
one postive thing i had yesterday is i had the most wonderful all night chat with my beautiful girlfriend kasey, dont you just love those chats? :)

so yeah been pretty low today, but trying to keep myself upbeat with some broadway haha, jekyll and hyde and phantom of the opera so forth but at the moment, its les miserables, oh beautiful musical bliss :)

also rhi, if your reading this i hope today went ok mate, stay strong HUG

i think thats about it for today



(sorry ive been so boring today)

Spooky Going On's.....

Ok so last night i decided to creep the hell out of myself and watch a load of ghost programs on youtube, i mean some are obvislously fake but there was this one, and im telling you it was fucking freaky, i couldnt sleep after haha.

Basically i got up this morning and like all sundays i didnt do alot, i was supposed to be planning london with roll, but didnt really get around to it, so probs do that in a bit.

i know i should be going into more detail about my day, but i just cant be arsed to write loads



so yeah every sunday, expect a very lazy blog.

yeah peace out


Tommy - The Pinball Wizard.

So as i might of informed you before i am really big on broadway and musical, after some grueling housework and a much disastarous trip to sainsburys which involved a split in half bagguette, spilled milk and a smashed jar of mustard, i finnaly had some me time, so i got home and decided to watch a new film i downloaded

Tommy The Pinball Wizard created by the band The Who in 1969 the age of hippie rebellion.

The plot is based around a young boy whos father is beleived to have died in the war, tommy is born never knowing his father, 6 years later, his mother a supposed widow takes tommy to a holiday camp, where she meets frank hobs, tommy quickly adopts him as a step father as he has never had one and likes the benifits of frank being a green coat at the holiday camp, tommy also vows to have his own holiday camp one day.

Things are going well and frank moves into their home, until one night, tommys real father being alive and not dead as supposed returns home to see his wife making love to frank, shocked frank hits tommys real father with a lampshade and accidently kills him, he runs over to tommy and tells him, he didnt hear anything, he didnt see anything, this puts tommy into shock and he becomes completely unresponsive, blind and deaf, the only thing that intrests tommy is the mirror for some weird reason.

one day when gazing into the mirror tommy has a vision of himself, he follows the mirror to a junk yard, feeling all the way as he cant hear or see of course, and he comes across a pinball machine, which he plays and turns out to be amazing at, after many competitions and games, tommy becomes a multi millionaire, and his mother and step father frank enjoy the benifits.

Months later, after many treatments that dont work, to get him to become responsive again, tommys mum hurls tommy through the mirror in frustration, guilt and remorse.

This suddenly wakens tommy, and he can see and hear, he is amazed that he can see and hear again and that he has been a millionaire without knowing all this time.

Rather then just setting up a holiday camp which he wanted, frank makes him into a religious icon, promising every other deaf and blind person that they will also see and hear again if they come to one of tommys thousands of holiday camps and buy lots of tommy mechandise.

Of course when they find out this wont heal them, they like all did in the 60s, rebel, the holiday camp where tommy and his mum and frank are at at the time, gets burnt down, killing both tommys mum and step father, tommy mourns, but quickly gets over it and decides to climb and a moutain for some weird reason. :)


sorry i had a huge rant about that but hopefully ive inspired you to give it a look, i really really enjoyed it, you might of already watched it so who knows.

ALSO can you imagine being deaf and blind?

but yeah its good :):)


brilliant XD


peace out till tommorow.



ok, so i know i just posted, but just gotta say this to get some pented up frustration vented,

so on the 10th of febuary me and 3 friends are planning to go up to london, for my birthday, (which is on the 10th)

i get asked what i want to do there, so i say stuff and suggest stuff, but so far, its all wrong apprantly, and someone seems to think that there arranging it, when noone asked them to, and then moans saying we arent giving enough suggestions, so what am i to do?

apprantly im not suggesting things to do? and when i do there not right?

jesus, so stressful.

yeah peace


Bloggers Virginity

Well this is it, my blog virginity, gone :( alas, i feel like a dirty journalistic whore (i quite like to make words with listic on the end).

So what shall i talk about, probably why i made this blog i suppose.

Well a couple of my friends have one and i thought why the hell not, seems like a laugh, Oh btw, some things you should know

1) im terrible with spelling

3) im not good with numbers

4) as much as i would acutaly like to wear the glass in my pic, i sadly dont have the need to wear specs :(

5) i really like top hats and suits, so i might ramble time to time about that.

6) it took me a billion years to pass maths GCSE

7) I tend to go on a bit when making a list of stuff.

8) i am a bit strange apprantly and tend to say some strange words from time to time, some you might expect to see will be, quiver, skatty, matt, clarinet, piano, nut, skinny, jenny, Roll ( this will be who im writing half my blog with btw, my good friend rhiannon roll, who is cakeyroll on live journal.

but yeah i think you got a good idea what im like, so in the words of a man you wouldnt want to know about

YEAH SEE YOU IN A LITTLE BIT YEAH? till next time, i wish you a very merry january night.


Viva La Revolution.

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